Church Issues Press Release Asking Ordain Children to Reconsider Plans to Protest

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Ordain Children Movement Gains Momentum
  • Jonathan Hummer

    This is too good. The only thing better than the article is the veritable s-storm that will become of this comment section shortly after my post. Also, FIRST.

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  • Markie

    This one is actually funny (difference is that it’s poking fun at the cultural and institutional infantilization of women in the church, not premising the joke on the idea that women are intellectually or spiritually less mature than men)

  • Liffey Banks

    Yay!! So funny!

  • Catherine

    Loved this, especially the free speech map. Thanks for posting!

  • CCB

    Wow. Thanks for the belly laughs. That made my day!!!!

  • ajay

    This is horrible. I in no way support the Ordain Women group, but this is just rude. We should never treat ANYONE this way. You should be ashamed of yourselves.