Brolief Society Petitions for the Fatherhood

SALT LAKE CITY – In the wake of recent uproar raised by Mormon Feminist movements, many other members are reconsidering gender roles within the Mormon Church.

“Brolief Society” is not just a trending term on Facebook, but an organization that searches for more male equality within the Church.

The group’s purpose is stated on their website: “We all know that women exercise the priesthood through their husbands, and it’s about time we start exercising motherhood and pregnancy through our wives. We need a Brolief Society.”

Members of Brolief Society sustain fatherhood in a vote this afternoon (image courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune)
Members of Brolief Society sustain fatherhood in a vote this afternoon (image courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune)

The group clarifies that they “are not against the Church or its leaders” but instead “want to show all of God’s children we all can receive the same blessings of living the Gospel.” And indeed, these men are true, faithful members of the church—many of them having much knowledge of the Church’s doctrine.

“Our right to true fatherhood has been almost eliminated from our lives,” said Barley B. Bratt, a founding member of the group. “Of all titles given to God, He has chosen Father. I am tired of my children calling me Bishop, since I only see them for Temple recommend interviews.” He points out how fatherhood is more important than everything else, including priesthood responsibilities.

In order to bring change into current Mormon traditions, the group sent over 500 letters to President Monson pleading for more time at home. The Church responded accordingly by making an announcement stating that the Priesthood session of General Conference will now be broadcast live and available over the internet. This will allow for many men to spend more time with their wives and families.

The group sees this as a step in the right direction. “We expect this to revolutionize the way we see fatherhood. We are now working on getting cushioned seats and centerpieces for our meetings. We will finally be able to exercise our fatherhood,” said Mahonri Young, another supporter of the changes.

“Priesthood has become a boring, black-and-white relegated group,” Young added as he admonished his band of followers. “We need to step up to the plate and claim fatherhood. We need to get our priorities straight. We need to look up to our sisters who have been doing it right this whole time. We need to become a Brolief Society.”

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  • How refreshing!! I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you – the ” The Mormon feminist protest: And why I won’t be there..” absolutely needed this perspective!

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        Nancy might be saying “Does motherhood equal fatherhood or Priesthood?”

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    Cool, does this mean women get to tell the brolief society How, where, how often, when they can meet and what they should do in the society? 🙂

    • Sister Sweetspirit

      And does this mean that women will choose the Brolief Society leaders, aprove their budget, as well as supervise and preside over their activities and meetings?

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      Don’t they already?

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      Remember! They always need a motherhood holder in the building!

  • Cameron Porter

    Yes, because cushioned seats and a centerpiece will make us better fathers…the overwhelming message that I’ve heard from the Brethren over the years is that our family IS more important than our callings and should come first. It’s our responsibility to manage our time and prioritize our lives properly.

    • Dan Franco

      Truer words were never spoken !!! Im a convert of 31 years and this is the first thing I heard and read about.. It was/is challenging to follow this Counsel, but it really is Inspired and Divine, and will make everything better when we men do manage the balance more evenly.. Thank you for your words, Cameron !

  • Dan Franco

    This is Hilarious !!! Thanks for the good humor satire !!!

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    haha great perspective! can we just go back to polygamy already? Give some sisters any power and they turn into feminazis

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      as a woman, i completely agree with this. raising kids is all the responsibility i need.

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    Um, men do have fatherhood. So…. your comparison doesn’t work at all.

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      This is a really good point

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