BYU-California to Open Doors Fall 2014

PROVO—Lawrence Davis, BYU’s Commissioner of Education announced earlier today that the proposed plans for an additional campus in Southern California have gained church approval and classes will begin August 2014.

Counting the centers in Jerusalem and Salt Lake City, this will be the sixth BYU campus worldwide, and is expected to surpass the Provo campus in enrollment by 2020.

“Each campus has its own unique identity,” comments Russell R. Madsen of the planning committee. “Jerusalem offers students a chance to explore the Holy Land, Hawaii provides a rich cultural experience with the Pacific islands, Rexburg is for people who want to get married and Provo is for students who actually want to get an education. We’re hoping that BYU – California will be a place where the rich California kids can get a degree without having to work hard or travel far.”

Officials are in advanced negotiations to turn this resort into the campus of BYU- California.
Officials are in advanced negotiations to turn this resort into the campus of BYU – California

BYU reports that since the announcement was made, enrollment for the upcoming winter semester at Provo and Rexburg has dropped by nearly 40%. Many students have opted to delay a semester and wait to enroll at the new campus. “Seriously, though, I’m out of here,” reports senior Kevin Bjorkman. “When I heard the announcement, I thought it’d be a terrible idea to skip out on my senior year of Chemical Engineering here at the Y. Then the snowstorm came and I thought, ‘Screw it, I’m going to California.’”

Although most courses offered at BYU – Provo will be available at the new campus, the university has acknowledged that some majors will not be available until 2016.

“Exercise Science and Elementary Education will both be offered at BYU – California,” Davis explained via email. “We’ve had about two hundred requests each for those, but curiously enough we haven’t gotten any questions about other majors yet.”

The official BYU crest, which bears the insignia “The glory of God is intelligence,” is currently being translated into local dialect. Locals are eager as to which dialect will be featured—traditional (La Gloria de Dios es la inteligencia) or modern (Learning is so chill, bro!).

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  • Tamsin

    Haha I wish.

    Just one thing.. Although BYU- Idaho isn’t a research school, it still offers a fantastic education and there are thousands of students who have graduated with a genuine education AND a wedding ring and are perfectly happy. This is why BYU- Idaho students sometimes resent Provo students. Both are the Lord’s schools, both are funded with sacred tithing funds, and both are valuable. But yet, Provo insists on tearing Idaho down. Stop acting like Provo is the only school for intelligent and education-orientated students, it’s ridiculous.

    • Kate

      Good point. I think the article is making fun of those divisions/stereotypes, though. Of course it’s not really that way! Just like BYU-California wouldn’t really be just about the weather.

    • Me

      And then there is Hawaii that doesn’t even get mentioned by the person mad that Idaho is worse than Provo. 😉

    • Zach

      I understand that BYU-Idaho is still a good school, but there’s no denying that BYU is much more academically prestigious. The 53% acceptance rate last semester will tell you that (BYU-I’s was 99%), as well as numerous academic rankings placing BYU significantly higher than BYU-I. So I’m sorry, but facts aren’t really on your side; BYU is the better school. It doesn’t mean BYU-I is bad.

      • anazagarus

        It’s a good thing BYU has that more stringent admission rate going for it. It’s about the only superior academic indicator left.

        P.S. By admission rate, BYU-Hawaii is the most prestigious of the BYU campuses.

        • Zach

          That’s a red herring, as BYU-Hawaii is significantly smaller than the other two, hence the lower acceptance rate. By that logic, BYU should have a higher acceptance rate than BYU-Idaho, because it’s twice as big.

          Look, I’m not insulting BYU-Idaho. People at that school get so offended when Provo students simply look at the facts.

          Forbes ranks BYU #75 in the nation and BYU-Idaho #469.

          Additionally, when ranking by where top high school students choose to go, BYU checks in at #21.

          Again, I’m not insulting BYU-I; I’m just stating facts. BYU is undeniably the better school when it comes to academics.

          • anazagarus

            Zach, you obviously think about this much more than I do. Of course admission rates are a red herring for school quality, but it was the diagnostic criteria you established, so I was trying to play by your rules. And you seem to misunderstand what the word fact means. We are sharing and supporting subjective positions.

            I’m also disappointed you resorted to rankings, especially Forbes rankings. Frankly, I expect better critical thinking skills from BYU students. Rankings are very subjective constructs, that have very little to do with the quality of classroom instruction.

            In fact, if rankings are your thing here are a couple that rank BYU-Idaho higher:

            But school rankings have virtually no correlation with educational quality.

            Your main mistake Zach is that your looking at the input of students. Everyone agrees that by academic measures better students attend Utah’s BYU. It’s just that students learn more while they attend BYU-Idaho. Academic innovations like foundations and the learning model have made the classroom learning experience at BYU-Idaho world class.

            I have nothing against Utah’s BYU. It’s a great school for students where prestige is an important factor in school choice. Anyone could be proud of going to school there. No one is trying to insult anyone, but determining the quality of a school’s educational program by the ACT scores of the students that attend is a obviously a backwards approach.

            If you’re interested in understanding this subject in detail start here:

            And for further information I would suggest the book The Innovative University by Clayton Christensen.

          • Guest

            You’re. Your main mistake Zach is that YOU’RE looking at the input of students. Jeesh. Way to make Zach’s argument for him.

          • Lol

            “It’s just that students learn more while they attend BYU-Idaho. ”

            That’s probably true…because BYU-Idaho students are dumber to begin with.

          • FollowChrist

            Why on earth is this even a conversation? Has anybody here heard of following Christs example? There is no use to bickering, and we should not be trying to put one school above the other. Sheesh people, practice what you claim to believe!

    • Bob

      No one is tearing down anyone. It’s a simple fact that BYU-I is primarily filled with students who had low ACT scores and/or bad GPA’s in high school. I know hundreds of college age Mormons and have yet to meet anyone who went to BYU-I with an option to attend BYU. It’s the ‘overflow’ campus for LDS higher education.

      • KasiaJordanKelley

        I would not like to be so general like you are. BYU-I is not filled with students with low GPA or low ACT, they might be lower, but still competitive if the students wanted to go into state schools in different states or even to school liege UW, the competitiveness of BYU Provo is in the wider range of majors. Rexburg is new, it used to be junior college, it takes time to establish its name. With time it will, just like Provo, used to be accepting anybody and everybody. So I wouldn’t want to be so judgemental.

      • Mahonri Moriancumer

        Funny. By the way, I had a scholarship from BYU-Provo, but I turned it down and went to Ricks, primarily because everyone I met from BYU-Provo had already been told by their Mia Maid advisor that they were next in line for their second annointing and I did not feel comfortable around such greatness. And I couldn’t figure out how to get past the guards of the rameumpton at the Wilkinson Center. I know Bob is trolling, but there are too many people at BYU that have Bob’s attitude (I could say I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t, but I don’t need to get into hyperbole). I had the highest ACT in my high school. A BYU representative visited my high school to talk to the seniors, and I sat in the back with my buddies and made fun. I then felt foolish when he called out my name and asked if I was in the room. I received hand-signed Christmas cards and multiple telephone calls. And the scholarship offer. At the end of the day, I had just crossed paths with too many people at BYU that looked down on Idaho and thought they were super special because they had the “option to attend BYU.” I chose to go a different route. I am sure it will shock many in Provo, but I am working at my dream job even with Ricks College on my resume. With eight years of higher education under my belt, I enjoyed the people I met during the two years at Ricks the most. Everybody has to find their niche. I did not have a lot of money and had never been inside The Gap, so Provo was not the place for me. Glad you found your niche and a like-minded student body.

        • Hahna

          Hey I was accepted to both schools and I chose BYU-I as well. I wasn’t aware of the rameumptom! Haha but I was more drawn to the smaller campus, good people, and still quality education.

        • WisCoug

          Fun story, I have a family friend who wanted to go to BYU-I for a myriad of reasons (close to home, friends planning to go, etc.), but was convinced to apply to both schools. She was accepted by Provo and rejected by Idaho. It is honestly the only time I have ever heard of that happening. She considers it to be the hand of her Heavenly Father in her life because of the experiences, the education, the friendships and the family she now has as a result of being a student in Provo.

          I also have a friend who went to BYU-I, got her degree in Recreation Management and now works in Education, focusing on children with special needs at a school in our home town. She was recently named the teacher of the year by ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’. I wasn’t shocked.

          Personally I think it is equally unfair to speak generally of BYU-Provo students as a high and mighty group, many of whom must be shocked (while kneeling in the rameumptom) at your success with a degree from Ricks/BYU-ID as it is for students/alumni of BYU-Provo to make similarly sweeping statements about the intelligence or scholastic achievements of students who chose to go to BYU-Idaho.

        • I was also accepted into both BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho and chose BYU-I. I don’t care for the smaller town (I love Provo) but have never regretted my decision. 🙂

        • FollowChrist

          I was accepted to all 3 BYU campuses, and chose to come to Idaho. Best decision I ever made!

      • Tiffany

        FYI. There are many who have both options. Ive met a lot and I was accepted to both with scholarships but went to BYU-I for a year to get away from Provo. Then went to BYU to graduate.

      • Kenneth Aycock

        “I know hundreds of college age Mormons and have yet to meet anyone who went to BYU-I with an option to attend BYU.”

        Like others have commented, I had the option to attend both. I was also offered a larger scholarship to attend BYU. I majored in MEng at BYU-Idaho and I don’t have any regrets.

        I did try BYU for a summer. There are definitely pros and cons with each school; BYU-I was just a better fit for me.

      • WisCoug

        It is difficult to imagine that this comment was not intended to tear anyone down as you refer to the school that people reading your comment go/went to as an overflow school (like they are all reapplying annually to BYU waiting for an opening to pop up).

        As for the ACT scores and GPAs it is undeniably true that the average ACT and SAT scores of those who enroll at BYU-I are lower than those that enroll at BYU in Provo, but are they really “low”? With a 25th percentile score of 20 and a 75th percentile score of 25, BYU-I students scored as well or better on the ACT than the average student accepted to Boise State, Idaho, and Idaho State. Incoming students have an average GPA of 3.4, meaning incoming BYU-I students are some of the best in the state academically (or at least as compared to the state).

      • anazagarus

        You don’t know anyone who chose BYU-Idaho over BYU? You need to get out more. The education at BYU-Idaho is changing the world. BYU is great, don’t get me wrong, if you went to school there you have nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s just another big research university like a hundred others.

  • Francisco Dos Santos Andrade

    Wowww I am really excited for BYU CAL… Where I can study an have fun at the summer

  • William Evertz

    Just like they screwed up BYU – Ricks by calling it BYU – Idaho,
    BYU – California should be named BYU – SoCal.

  • cdl123

    I don’t know but when I was younger, BYU Provo was the place to go to get that ring so the talk about town happened to state. I thought the comments entirely in appropriate. Each campus should provide a quality education, and so be it if students happen to meet someone wonderful in the process. Each campus should be providing an education, a spiritual environment, and social opportunity to meet others of similar age and ideals. It only naturally leads to the pairing of some. So exactly where is this campus in So. California suppose to be? I see no reference to it.

    • cdl123

      This is apparently all a joke on everyone.

  • Stacia Felix

    Stereotypes about Californians are so outdated but I guess that’s Utah. lol

    • OC Nate

      Stereotypes about Californians are LIKE SO TOTALLY OUTDATED!

  • KasiaJordanKelley

    Wow, as a graduate of graduate program at BYU I am absolutely saddened at the division the youth here engages in. I don’t find it worthy of a worthy LDS person to put down any campus. Making people feel like they are not as smart. Provo has a lot of students who don’t ah e high scores but had other talents and got in and did just fine. I know BYU-I student who chose Rexburg over Provo simply because of the cockiness and lack of humbleness of the LDS girls. There is a lot of resentment towards the very shallow behaviors. Sorry to burst your bible but there are absolutely useless degrees at BYU, such as independent studies. Each school has strong and weaker majors. I believe the attitude is not in tune with church teachings, the only reason it is hard to get to BYU is because LDS kids want to go there and pay less, it is not like it is Harvard or Stanford, so lets cool down and see the truth.

    • Trent

      Something tells me that you’re Eastern European. But really, it’s just a joke. Trust me.

    • William Evertz

      First of all, thank you Kasia for reading the BunYion.
      Second, are you aware that BYU-Idaho since 2008 also offers the useless Independent Studies degree?
      Third, the percentage of married students at BYU-Idaho beats BYU-Provo, 26% to 21%. Clearly, people are hooking up in Rexburg! If you are interested in getting an MRS degree check out the story here on the BunYion.

      Knowledge and temperature dropped!!

    • Bret

      Well said. It is a fine display of hypocrisy. A higher education is what really matters, no matter where one gradutes. Go Utes!

    • Jill

      “Burst your Buble” should be Michael Buble’s next album title.

    • Adam

      Haha. I love when people call others out about being mean and not acting “in tune with church teachings,” then say stuff like this:
      -Provo has a lot of students who have low test scores
      -BYU Provo girls are cocky
      -BYU Provo girls aren’t humble
      -BYU Provo students are shallow
      -People who do independent studies got a “worthless major”
      -BYU is not on par with Harvard or Stanford
      -BYU is a marriage school, known for the MRS degree

  • EM

    This scared the crap out of me. If BYU comes to my home, there will be no where i can run to get away from it.

  • cdl123

    Apparently this is a joke article and people are making fun of everyone posting. It’s suppose to be a
    ‘parody.’ Not well done and in bad taste.

  • Dennis Greer

    After hearing this good news the “BYU-Hawaii Surfing Club” has just announced that it is sending Ten Surfboards to the new BYU-California campus. They want to support their new sister school in its new mission of “Fun in the Sun.” But they wish to acknowledge that BYU-Hawaii will always be number one in surfing. Contributions from rich Californians are always welcome for the surf club. The BYU-Hawaii Surfing Club is also inviting the new BYU-California students to sign up for the semi-monthly international surfing competitions at Sunset and Pipeline.

  • TB

    And here it is how LDS youth behaves. Just read the Stereotyping stereotyping…I rather attend a state school than be among these morons.

    • guest

      I know, right! Dumb humor….State’s school where they keep it REAL!

  • Riley Payne

    I’m a BYU campus operator and we’ve received a LOT of calls asking if BYU California is real, so congrats. I am impressed.

  • Ted

    BYU-I has a more spiritual tone than BYU!!!

  • Lizzy

    Wow. Every single comment has been a failed attempt to prove which school is more “prestige” or reflects better educated students. When I’ve decided to not attend either. I left BYU-I and BYU. Locals in Rexburg see my Hispanic skin color and assume I speak spanish and in my experiences have been demeaning. While in provo, many have proved to be self-righteous. Attending Utah Valley University has been the best decision I could have ever made. Great classes. Great people. My advice is to get out of your bubble. BYU-California would have been a great option.

  • Steve Craven

    People – this is the BYU version of “The Onion.” Everything is a spoof. Earn back your sense of humor and learn to recognize the ridiculous.

  • R B Wheeler

    It is unfortunate that Bro. Davis chose the words he did to announce the BYU California school. I have served in a Bishopric at BYU I and there are a lot of students that are there for an education not to get married. I’m sure the Lord loves each of his children no matter where they go to school. I don’t understand why the director of the church education would try to make class distinctions between the church schools.

    • Poqui

      mmm… you know this is a spoof, right? Right?…

      • guest

        If this is a spoof, it should clearly say so. DUMB!

        • Poqui

          The BunYon sounds like The Onion… I guess the assumption is that the reader is smart enough to know that.

          Even if you didn’t know that then a quick perusal of the other headlines would give you an idea: “Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ is Prepared for Missionary Opportunities on the Red Planet.” or “Church to Build Theme Park to Accelerate Missionary Work” or “Archaeologists Uncover Joseph Smith’s iPhone 1827s”.

  • Sione

    Please Mr. Madsen, be careful with your words, there are plenty people in California, who aren’t rich, who can’t travel far, who fly standby if ever, who want an education, who can barely afford it, who love the gospel.

  • Ammon Miller

    The dorms will be modeled after The Village apartments.

  • Beatrice Hunsaker

    Go Aggies!

  • hollyathena

    Where do I apply?

  • guest

    Seriously! Who writes dumb articles such as these to uproar the public and their opinions of all the BYU Education system. Trent Hyer’s (individual who wrote this article) opinion of each university is very immature. I’m quite sure this article would be meaningful minus your unthoughtful views.

    • Trent

      If you’ve found meaning in this article, you found something that I did not intend to put into it.

  • akinghort

    Hahahaha! This is hilarious! I attend a BYU school and I think that these conversations were a great way to amuse me. There is a flaw in the arguments here… the majority of the comments it is stated by which school the person making the argument attend(ed). BYU Provo students can think what they want, BYU-I students can think what they want and any student that attends a BYU school can say and think how and what they want… I may not sound very Christ-like, but your pathetic arguments and “facts” given about which school is better doesn’t really matter in the long run. All offer great education for all. All allow one to live the American dream at it’s finest. If my logic seems faulty about that correct me.
    BTW, I love the comments from the rival school here, they crack me up just because I don’t care, and there actually might be people that do and get their pride hurt, haha but that might just be my sense of humor. President Thomas S. Monson graduated from UofU, this may be my opinion but given that he is the prophet of the world and has been given the stewardship of helping us all return home, he’s most likely currently the most righteous being on the planet qualified for the job. However, this does not mean that UofU is a better school, does it? My point is, it’s what one makes of themselves. This life is about the work you put into all things. Y’all shoulda learned this in Sunday school. I’m sure that much of you have, just jogging the memory of those who forgot.
    This has been fun.
    -Your fellow LDS Student

  • Pete J. Rojas

    Where exactly in Southern California is this?