BYU Catering Refuses to Provide Cake for Gay Couple

PROVO – A gay couple is threatening to sue BYU Catering after being denied the wedding cake of their dreams, the Betty Crocker® Party Rainbow cake with Rainbow Chip Frosting.

Rick D’Anthony and Kevin Semot were set to celebrate their union-turned-marriage with a normal looking cake with a tasteful, as well as tasty, rainbow chip frosting. Their expected joy turned sour when BYU Catering refused service to the newlyweds.

Tasteful as well as tasty, no doubt.
Tasteful as well as tasty, no doubt.

“We respect that we don’t believe the same principles as the LDS Church, but their catering is tops. We didn’t even want it to look like a wedding cake to raise any red flags,” said Semot, a Salt Lake City native, “but they flat out said no.”

“We asked if they just wanted sprinkles on it, and they just got irate,” said sales associate Jamie Hines. “We offered them a Devil’s food cake option, but then one of them just broke down crying while the other stormed out, dragging his sobbing companion behind.” Hines added that sprinkles are usually reserved for the “heathen” cakes, since they are associated with baptism by sprinkling used by Catholics.

The catering branch of BYU food services had originally faulted ingredient shortages from Betty Crocker® with the ban on the same-sex wedding cake and frosting. However, follow up conversations made it clear that the shortage was not due to Betty Crocker®. Crocker herself insisted that “the cake mix and frosting had all been recently purchased by an Orem woman with a car full of PacSun shirts.”

That Orem woman claimed that her acts were “for Utah County’s own good.”

Hunt also remarked, “Our pioneer heritage and cookbooks here at BYU catering allow us to make delicious treats, but only for sacred occasions, like a high priest being sealed to his fourth wife or the twentieth baby blessing of the month. Because of this, I mean because of the ingredient shortage, we are simply unable to make their cake.”

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  • Julian Furrow

    Is there no other catering company in Provo, UT that can make a Betty Crocker Rainbow cake?

    • William Evertz

      There are 285 listed restaurants and caterers in Provo, just as many or more gay couples in the area, but there is no Rainbow Chip frosting.

  • dba.brotherp

    It’s about time someone stood up to the gays. Why do the gays always have to shove their lifestyle down our throats? Why can’t the gays be like the blacks back in Phil Robertson’s day who didn’t mind the separate drinking fountains, bathrooms, lunch counters, bus seats, schools, entrances. train cars, waiting rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, and marriages.

    Everyone knows that Betty Crocker® Party Rainbow cake with Rainbow Chip Frosting is for god fearing, Christians. Let the gays eat their own cake but not a cake that is anything like a Betty Crocker® Party Rainbow cake with Rainbow Chip Frosting because that would cheapen the sanctity of the Betty Crocker® Party Rainbow cake with Rainbow Chip Frosting.

    • William Evertz

      Ain’t no cake like a Betty Crocker® Party Rainbow cake because a Betty Crocker® Party Rainbow cake don’t stop.

    • Zack Powell

      This is hands down the most discriminatory comment I have ever seen towards homosexuals. Anyone who thinks like you do deserves to get a good punch to the face because your head isn’t on straight.

      Just because we don’t agree with gay marriage doesn’t mean we can treat them as lesser human beings. God loves them just as much as you, if not more. What white people did to African Americans was horrible. The same applies here. Reevaluate man.

      • dba.brotherp

        Listen here Zapp Brannigan, you don’t see us heterosexuals forcing our lifestyle upon others on TV, in magazines, in commercials, on the radio, on the internet, in advertisements, in the movies, at church, in the laws, and in politics. Why can’t the gays leave us alone?

        • Zack Powell

          Are you joking?

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