Deacon Sacrament Route Practice Finally Paying Off

CASPER, Wyo. – David Boyd, the Casper 17th ward’s deacon quorum president, announced that after six weeks of two-a-days, the ward’s sacrament route practice was reaping dividends.

“Our building has gone through some renovations in the past few months and it was getting tough to hit that fly route up the middle,” said Jackson Myrtle, fifth position in the eight man team. “Then our tag team block route started missing some of the people that clung to the sides,”

sacrament passing
Deacons quorum runs a delayed draw up the middle for a short gain.

Boyd explained that after they completely missed the pass to the Stake President, the quorum decided to practice more in order to form a cohesive team.

The quorum drilled continually until they developed a set of three different plays; one for a stout cover 2, one for packed holiday defenses, and one for a late arrival blitz of people from the foyer.

“We’ve buckled down big time,” laughed Derrick Crawford, a rookie deacon who often runs the deep post route. “We’ve even worked with the priests on our hand offs. Now our run game is flawless.”

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  • dba.brotherp

    I am so grateful to see these young men magnifying their calling. In my ward, there are not enough young men to pass the sacrament and they have to ask Elders and High Priests to help. There is nothing that offends the spirit more than a long and sloppy sacrament. Just how am I supposed to feel the spirit when the Melchizedek priesthood is taking their time and fumbling the sacrament trays?

    Of course, some will say that if the young women were passing then the older brothern wouldn’t have to help out the young men. To that I say, oh ye of little faith! The world may use its so called logic, but logic is of little use in the church.

    • William Evertz

      Amen brotherp. There is no need for powder puff priesthood.