Jimmer: Back for More

Although the Sacramento Kings basketball team will stay put in northern California, Jimmer Fredette will be returning to BYU for a 5th year of eligibility.

The request for re-admittance was granted by NCAA readmission chairman Mike Bobinski on Friday after receiving the paperwork necessary for consideration.

Jimmer looks longingly back at college.
Jimmer looks longingly back at college.

“I’m excited to be back at the Y. The Marriott Center is like a second home to me,” said the college superstar turned pro turned future repeat college superstar, “It’ll be fun to put up 30 a game again.”

Although unclear, Fredette’s reasons for return seem purely financial. The BYU idol will be eligible for Federal Pell-Grants as a now married student when he enrolls in September. Jimmer also plans on releasing additional books titled “The Comeback”, “Fredette About It” and “Jimmer’s Game” which will be co-authored by Orson Scott Card.

“That one is going to be like a science fiction/thriller/biography/picture book,” said the 24-year-old guard, “It’s going to be awesome.”

Students were also excited upon hearing news of the former national player of the year’s return. “Jimmer is a legend,” said freshman Jeff Richardson, a Springville native, “I’ve never seen him play live before but my dad built a shrine to Jimmer in our house so he must be incredible.”

As the school prepares for the next basketball season, students have begun camping out, perhaps prematurely, for the Cougar Tipoff in October, hoping to witness the BYU basketball legend.

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