New One Hundred Dollar Bills: LDS Edition

WASHINGTON D.C. – Amidst the 14th day of the government shutdown, the LDS Church once again reaches out to a US government in need.

In response to a 400 billion dollar gift from the LDS Church, the US Treasury agreed to print a number of limited edition “I’m a Mormon” one hundred dollar bills. The bills have several new features that should inspire, uplift and bring hope to a country in need.

Feature #1: Celebrity Mormons Featured on Each New Bill

David Archuleta Dollar

Steve Young Dollar

Designs are in the works to include other famous Mormons who have impacted society, including Gladys Knight and Steve Jobs.

Feature #2: QR codes to or Mormon Messages

On a rotating schedule, bills printed will have QR codes linking to select pages or inspirational Mormon Messages.

qr Code dollar

Unfortunately, a recent study showed that only .002% of the US population use QR codes “grudgingly, yet on a regular basis”. A whopping 89% said, “I wish all QR codes in the world were simultaneously destroyed.”

Feature #3: Bills can play two hymns: “Count Your Many Blessings” and “Because I Have Been Given Much” 

Investing several millions in the project, the US Treasury has invented a microspeaker that can fit inside the dollar bill. When pressed, the chip plays the familiar tunes “Count Your Many Blessings” and “Because I Have Been Given Much”.

“At first, we were a little skeptical of the Church’s suggestion,” said Chuck Kotansky from the US Treasury. “However, on some of our tests, civilians who used the musical currency were 60% more likely to donate that currency to the poor. The other 40% of the bills came right back to us in the form of taxes so we think we have a winner!”


For more information these rare LDS edition currencencies please visit the US Mint’s Website:

  • dba.brotherp

    Hallelujah! Now I can finally serve both God and mammon.

  • Greg Kearney

    They are only worth $90 however.