Mormons No Longer to Participate in Tea Party

SALT LAKE CITY- The LDS Church announced that they are cutting all ties with members who continue supporting the Tea Party political movement as efforts to avoid the appearance of evil continue.

Mormon leaders expressed their support for the announcement and agreed that it was long overdue.

“We can’t have members associating with tea and these tea parties and disobeying the word of wisdom,” said Alan Eastman, longtime bishop of the Provo 4,285th ward. “I don’t care if they are supporting black tea parties, green tea parties, or some sort of herbal tea party; I’m confiscating recommends if I continue to witness support of this abomination.”

Lay members, on the other hand, thought it strange the ban be so explicit.

These Mormon women were shocked to hear of the ban on Tea Party support during their tea party.
These Mormon women were shocked to hear of the ban on Tea Party support during their tea party.

“I know they want us to avoid the appearance of evil, but the Tea Party doesn’t have anything to do with tea,” complained one Mormon Tea Party supporter who wished to remain anonymous.

Many Mormon supporters of the Tea Party plan on complaining about it on internet forums and to their neighbors instead of actually bringing up the problem to be discussed in church.

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  • This makes sense because Mormons are usually pretty darned intelligent and the Tea Party has been hijacked by The Green Eggs and Ham Crowd!

    • ColdFusion Times

      Some people like green eggs and ham. And if i belonged to a church that made commands like that I would be leaving it. The tea party are constitutionalists and the bible says to obey the laws of the land. We are trying to protect the laws of the land, not allowing them to be diminished.

      • ColdFusion Times

        To have an opinion as a church is another thing.. to insist is where it would cross the line